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biggin meaning

Synonyms of "biggin""biggin" in a sentence
  • Most places surrounded by Biggin Hill are small towns and villages.
  • The aircraft was purchased by a group of Biggin Hill Airshow.
  • Politically, Biggins has expressed his admiration for former John Smith.
  • It is some south of Bromley and north of Biggin Hill.
  • In September 1931 the track layout in Biggin Street was improved.
  • Police and ambulances from Biggin Hill, Oxted and Tatsfield attended.
  • "My children keep me grounded, " says Biggins.
  • Her mother remembers Biggins as always deep in a book.
  • She did both, marrying attorney Franklin Biggins in 1970.
  • It was given to the Deutsches Museum by RAF Biggin Hill Station.
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