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big league meaning

Synonyms of "big league""big league" in a sentence
  • Noun: big league  big leeg
    1. The most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
      - major league, majors

    Derived forms: big leagues

    Type of: conference, league

  • [American slang]
    mod. professional; big-time. (From baseball.)
    • He works for one of the big-league accounting firms.
    • When I'm a big-league star, I'll send you free tickets.

  • [Business]
    noun [C, usually sing.]

    the most important companies, people, etc. in a particular field:

    His past experience suggests that he will be able to take the company into the big league.

    Today women are major players on almost every big-league salesforce.

  • Welcome to the big leagues, satch . let's make it happen
  • Igawa acknowledged his transition to the big leagues has been difficult
  • This isn't the big leagues
  • But never before in big league history ? that's pretty surprising
  • This is the big leagues
  • This is the big leagues
  • Little big league
  • The runners are just as fast as in the big leagues,
  • Will there be a woman in the big leagues some day?
  • In her business, she has already made the big leagues.
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