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berth meaning

[ bə:θ ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "berth""berth" in a sentence
  • There's a nice berth all made up for you.
  • They rooked me £ 10 for my berth.
  • I took berlin's advice and gave bowra a wide berth.
  • The ship shifted its berth.
  • berths on steamships can be booked a long while in advance.
  • In a berth dredged in the harbour she lay for a month.
  • He is so boring that i always try to give him a wide berth at parties.
  • They have a site ready on a nearby beach where the duke's boat will berth on arrival.
  • Ive heard of it .-where does it make berth
  • -ive heard of it .-where does it make berth
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