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  • Adjective: benzylic
    1. Relating to benzyl

    See also: benzyl

    Encyclopedia: Benzylic


  • Benzylic C-H bonds are oxidatively converted to carbonyl groups:
  • Benzylic groups are related to allyl groups; both show enhanced reactivity.
  • Some methods have also been developed to selectively fluorinate benzylic C H bonds.
  • Benzylic and allylic are related in terms of structure, bond strength, and reactivity.
  • It is a bifunctional molecule, featuring both vinyl and a benzylic chloride functional groups.
  • Zinc chloride also activates benzylic and allylic halides towards substitution by weak nucleophiles such as alkenes:
  • NovJ and NovK form a heterodimer of J2K2 which is the active form of this benzylic oxygenase.
  • Despite nonlinearity in benzylic SN2 reactions, electron withdrawing groups could either accelerate or retard the reaction.
  • Tile alkyl group R should be primary or methyl, and preferably should be allylic or benzylic.
  • ST1C3 sulfates large benzylic alcohols such as 1-hydroxymethyl-pyrene to chemically reactive mutagenic sulpho conjugates.
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