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beath meaning

"beath" in a sentence
  • /bēdh/ (Spenser)
      transitive verb
      To bathe, heat
      ORIGIN: OE bethian to foment
  • I apologize to Mr . Beath and Mr . Kelly.
  • Only Beath and Smith regularly broke through Souths'defences.
  • Beath was wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run.
  • Hugh Beath, the general chairman of the Buick Classic, said Saturday.
  • According to Andrew Beath of CSIRO Exploration & Mining other important criteria includes:
  • Twice Mc Beath tried to flag down a passing vessel with no success.
  • Wardlaw joined Hill of Beath Hawthorn in June 2013.
  • Star players include Ben Couchman, Brendon Smith, Aaron Beath and Fuad Suljkanovic.
  • However, referee Chris Beath believed his arms to be in a natural position.
  • Before 1850, Cowdenbeath was just a collection of farms within the parish of Beath.
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