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beat note meaning

"beat note" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    The sum or difference frequency that results from the heterodyning of two signals or, under some conditions, of more than two signals.
  • Nor was that the only off-beat note on a generally strange evening.
  • By 1890, having only played chess for two years, he beat noted expert H . N . Stone.
  • On August 18, 1927, Freeman beat noted British boxer Harry Mason in a ten round welterweight bout at Madison Square Gardens.
  • To his surprise, he observed an oscillatory behavior of the beat note as a function of DC bias, which he could not explain.
  • His signature was the plunger mute, and he used it swaggeringly, making his malingering, behind-the-beat notes plump and juicy.
  • Another effect of the ear's nonlinear response is that sounds that are close in frequency produce phantom beat notes, or intermodulation distortion products.
  • The loop may not lock within one beat note, but the VCO frequency will be slowly tuned toward the reference frequency ( acquisition process ).
  • In Indonesian gamelan ensembles, some bossed gongs are deliberately made to generate in addition a beat note in the range from about 1 to 5 Hz.
  • A defect in many early vacuum tube receivers was that the amplifying stages could oscillate, act as an beat notes ( heterodynes ); annoying whistles, moans, and howls in the speaker.
  • The oscillation of the beat notes, predicted by the theory and observed by experiments, could only be produced if the point contact device had femtosecond speed of response to produced currents at the highest frequency laser ( visible ) instead of response to its intensity a property of much slower devices.
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