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be glued to meaning

"be glued to" in a sentence

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  • be glued to the television/screen etc informal to be watching the television etc with all your attention or for a long time:
    The kids are glued to the TV all day.


  • You do that again and you're going to be glued to the bench
  • Shared values and common purpose have to be glue to make they fly
  • Objects may be glued to each other or to the level.
  • Suffice to say, the Patriots will be glued to their television.
  • Linari will be glued to a TV set in Hawaii.
  • And those viewers most likely will be glued to cable.
  • The skins could then be glued to the profiled structure.
  • The plant roots and stems will not themselves be glued to anything.
  • But not everyone will be glued to the television.
  • Saturday night, his detractors and advocates will both be glued to the fight.
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