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battered meaning

Synonyms of "battered""battered" in a sentence
  • Adjective: battered  batud
    1. Damaged by blows or hard usage
      "a battered old car"
      - beat-up, beaten-up 
    2. Damaged especially by hard usage
      "his battered old hat" 
    3. Exhibiting symptoms resulting from repeated physical and emotional injury
      "a battered child"; "the battered woman syndrome"
    Verb: batter  batu(r)
    1. Strike against forcefully
      - buffet, knock about 
    2. Strike violently and repeatedly
      - clobber, baste 
    3. Make a dent or impression in
      - dinge

    See also: abused, damaged, ill-treated, maltreated, mistreated, worn

    Type of: beat, beat up, change form, change shape, deform, strike, work over

    Encyclopedia: Batter


  • [American slang]
    mod. alcohol intoxicated.
    • Man, was I battered. I will never drink another drop.
    • Those guys really got battered at the party.

  • [British slang]
    Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.

  • [Architecture]

    A term descriptive of a surface that is inclined or tilted with respect to the vertical; for example, a battered wall.

  • He battered him with authorities.
  • Your car looks rather battered.
  • I ran to my room, got a battered suitcase.
  • The battered fragments even now command our admiration.
  • She walked slowly toward the bus stop, feeling battered.
  • The investigators also turned up evidence of battered wives.
  • The world was brutally battered but it survived.
  • The opened battered mouth of the corpse bothered him.
  • Theseus wrenched the club from his hands and battered him to death.
  • War thundered and whined around the dugout and battered at the door.
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