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bathypelagic meaning

"bathypelagic" in a sentence

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  • /-ajˈik/ adjective
      (Gr pelagos sea) found in the depths of the sea, down to 4000m below sea level


  • Bathypelagic fishes are not normally found below 3, 000 metres.
  • In this way they are closer to mesopelagic fishes than bathypelagic fishes.
  • The behaviour of bathypelagic fish can be contrasted with the behaviour of mesopelagic fish.
  • Stomach analysis has also shown that the diet consists mostly of pelagic or bathypelagic organisms.
  • Bathypelagic zone : 1000m-4000m 4.
  • He was the first to demonstrate that bathypelagic lifeforms rather than bottom-dwelling organisms.
  • Their regular habitat is mesopelagic to bathypelagic.
  • It and the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones at a depth of, but usually occurs below.
  • Still deeper down the water column, below 1000 metres, are found the bathypelagic fishes.
  • As they mature, the young begin their gradual descent to the mesopelagic and eventually bathypelagic zones.
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