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barrier island meaning

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  • Noun: barrier island
    1. A long narrow sandy island (wider than a reef) running parallel to the shore

    Derived forms: barrier islands

    Type of: island

    Encyclopedia: Barrier island


  • The wind and rain had not yet begun along those barrier islands.
  • Off-shore bars are called " longshore bars " and " barrier islands " by some
  • barrier island marsh
  • Jupiter island florida, an atlantic coast 2 ) barrier island, roughly 10 miles long, a quarter to a half mile wide
  • The evacuations of North Carolina's barrier islands were canceled.
  • The barrier islands here were spared the worst of the wind.
  • The sandy barrier island is more or less at sea level.
  • On Fort Myers Beach, sea water swamped the barrier island.
  • In 1951 Barber Bridge was built from mainland to barrier islands.
  • The town is situated on the barrier island of Estero Island.
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