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bamboo meaning

[ ˌbæm'bu: ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "bamboo""bamboo" in a sentence
  • The bamboo huts here are all built on stilts.
  • Be careful ! do n't jab his eye out with your bamboo pole.
  • Everything there is made of bamboo.
  • The bamboo stick has split.
  • Every bamboo blind was drown to keep out the relentless sun.
  • The missing parts of the inscribed bamboo slips have not yet been discovered.
  • Why do you eat sticky rice wrapped up in bamboo leaves on dragon boat day?
  • Not all bamboo grows tall -- some grow no higher than your ankles.
  • Some bamboo is thinner than your little finger, some is much thicker than your waist.
  • Many farmer 's fields are irrigated by water brought from a river or lake through bamboo pipes.
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