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baby bells meaning

"baby bells" in a sentence

Meaningmobile phoneMobile

  • [Finance]
    A common nickname given to the U.S. regional telephone companies that were formed from the breakup of AT&T in 1984, which was done to create more competition within the industry.


  • The Baby Bells seek the wrong relief in the wrong venue.
  • A fourth Baby Bell said profit fell because of increased competition.
  • At first the Baby Bells were barred from offering these services.
  • Several other Baby Bells are beginning to use the same system.
  • It's being tested by a number of Baby Bells.
  • Regional Baby Bell shares were little changed in early afternoon trading.
  • He accused Klein of being too easy on the Baby Bells.
  • Shares of the Baby Bells including Bell Atlantic Corp . rose.
  • The court did accept one part of the Baby Bell argument.
  • Yesterday's decision was a victory for the Baby Bells.
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