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axle meaning

Synonyms of "axle""axle" in a sentence
  • Noun: axle  aksul
    1. A shaft on which a wheel rotates

    Derived forms: axles

    Type of: shaft

    Part of: wheeled vehicle

    Encyclopedia: Axle

  • [Mechanical engineering]
    "A supporting member that carries a wheel and either rotates with the wheel to transmit mechanical power to or from it, or allows the wheel to rotate freely on it."

  • [Computer]
    An early string processing language. Program consists of an assertion table which specifies patterns, and an imperative table which specifies replacements. "AXLE: An Axiomatic Language for String Transformations", K. Cohen et al, CACM 8(11):657-661 (Nov 1965).
  • The axle does n't work smoothly. it needs oiling.
  • The mechanic greased the car's axle.
  • He had to repair the wagon, grease the axles.
  • Frank abandoned his axle as the heat in it died.
  • In an electric car possibly one or more batteries will be situated near each axle.
  • Narrow gauge mine car open type wheel assembly axles
  • Sensor in installed on car top wheel and axle
  • axles for railway cars-types and basic dimensions
  • axles for railway rolling stock-dimensional requirements
  • Gear tooths broken analysis of heave-duty output gear axle
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