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axillary arteries meaning

"axillary arteries" in a sentence

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  • [Medicine]
    The continuation of the subclavian artery; it distributes over the upper limb,axilla,chest and shoulder.


  • Nine days later, he checked into axillary arteries of the right arm.
  • In the axilla, the axillary artery is surrounded by the brachial plexus.
  • The subclavian becomes the axillary artery at the lateral border of the first rib.
  • It is a branch of the axillary artery, a main artery in the shoulder.
  • The axillary artery has several smaller branches.
  • Damage to the axillary artery and axillary nerve ( C5, C6 ) may result.
  • Cone's aneurysm involved the right axillary artery and a smaller branch, the circumflex humeral artery.
  • The second part of the axillary artery is the reference for the locational descriptions of the cords in the brachial plexus.
  • The medial and lateral pectoral nerves form a connection, or loop, around the axillary artery, called ansa pectoralis.
  • The aneurysm involved the posterior circumflex humeral and axillary arteries, and no one knows for how long it had been present.
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