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axile meaning

Synonyms of "axile""axile" in a sentence
  • Adjective: axile  aksil
    1. Relating to or attached to the axis
      - axial

    See also: axis

  • [Medicine]
    adj : relating to or situated in an axis
  • Recognition of 2-d axile symmetry shapes based on moment invariants
  • Research on coding method for matrix axile angle encoder based cpld
  • The berries produced contain eight axile ovules in each ovary locule.
  • The flowers are perfect, ovary is superior and bicarpellated, with axile placentation.
  • Each locule of the superior ovary has 2 ovules with axile placentation that are anatropous to campylotropous.
  • Tex Axile, who had briefly been a member in this era, went on to join Transvision Vamp.
  • Gesneriaceae have traditionally been separated from Scrophulariaceae by having a unilocular rather than bilocular ovary, with parietal rather than axile placentation.
  • It is three-carpelate and one or, more rarely, three-partitioned, with parietal placentation ( axile in the Apostasioideae ).
  • Anthony Doughty ( Tex Axile ) joined a band called Max with Matthew Ashman, Kevin Mooney, John Reynolds and John Keogh in which he played keyboards.
  • The situation between O'Neal and Bryant has been smooth because of the other reason they've been successful : O'Neal has been utterly dominant, the axile of that offense.
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