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axil meaning

Synonyms of "axil""axil" in a sentence
  • Noun: axil  aksil
    1. The upper angle between an axis and an offshoot such as a branch or leafstalk

    Derived forms: axils

    See also: axillary

    Type of: angle

    Encyclopedia: Axil

  • Examples of epiphytes are ferns growing in the axils.
  • In a maturing soybean plant, most of the assimilate from a leaf went into the pod at the axil of that leaf.
  • In the early january, ovuliferous scale primordial were acropetally formed in the axils of the developing bracts
  • Bract scale the structure found in large numbers in the female cone of gymnosperms, each bearing an ovuliferous scale in its axil
  • The axillary branching process generally involves two developmental stages : the formation of axillary meristems in the leaf axils and subsequent axillary bud growth
  • Inflorescences occur in the axils and at the ends of branches.
  • The inflorescences branch out from the axils of the lower leaves.
  • Green flowers with six tiny tepals are borne in the axils.
  • Male flowers are located in leaf axils or in spikelike inflorescences.
  • On either side of the leaf axils are two rounded stipules.
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