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auditory perceptions meaning

"auditory perceptions" in a sentence
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  • [Medicine]
    The process whereby auditory stimuli are selected,organized and interpreted by the organism; includes speech discrimination.
  • A rate control algorithm based on auditory perception
  • Study of auditory perception of phase information in speech signal
  • The spatial position of sound source is one of attributes in human's auditory perception
  • The linguistic and phonetic disparities between chinese and english lead to differences of auditory perception
  • A 2008 study also demonstrated subitizing and counting in auditory perception.
  • Aristoxenus considers notes to fall along a continuum available to auditory perception.
  • A more poignant example exists through examining auditory perception.
  • In other words, there is a tight coupling between auditory perception and action.
  • Wilson's work is characterised by architectural concerns with volume, illusionary spaces and auditory perception.
  • While binocular rivalry has been studied since the 16th century, multistable auditory perception is relatively new.
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