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attain meaning

[ ə'tein ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "attain""attain" in a sentence
  • This is the period at which the body attains maturity.
  • To attain full growth, one mustn't be squeamish.
  • Here was an empire, worthy of demigods to attain.
  • The day is not far off when china will attain prosperity.
  • The temperature a star attains is determined by its mass.
  • The scenes between mother and son attain a tragic intensity.
  • Now those who die for others doubtless attain this result.
  • For us, it 's something that we may aspire to but can never attain.
  • The air weapon has now at last begun to attain its full stature.
  • Still greater efforts are needed before we can attain our goal.
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