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at call meaning

"at call" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    adj. or adv. phr. 1. Ready or nearby for use, help, or service; on request. Thousands of auto insurance agents all over the country are at the insured person's call, wherever he may travel. 2. At the word of command; at an order or signal. The dog was trained to come at call.

  • [Business]

    (Finance )

    used to describe money that has been lent but must be paid back immediately if the person who lent the money asks for it back:

    The sum will be lent at call.

  • [Economics]
    Denoting secured money that has been lent on a short-term basis and must be repaid immediately on demand. Discount houses in the City of London are the main borrowers of money at call.
  • The doctors in our hospital are at call day and night
  • Money put into the credit cards is at call
  • Money put into the credit cards is at call
  • The most traditional form of bank financing is bank deposits, both at call and fixed deposits
  • In self-evaluation, I look back at calls myself.
  • Edelman and Balk have been toiling at Call Again for two decades.
  • Gumbleton has acted as a keynote speaker at Call to Action conferences.
  • E-mail and Internet communications are gradually adding new twists at call centers.
  • Still, they balked at calls for a new, centralized European intelligence agency.
  • Dirk Heerdegen said about 270 jobs would go at call centers in Hamburg and Munich.
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