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asterid meaning

"asterid" in a sentence
  • or asteridˈian noun
      A starfish
  • Asterid said their mother and father were among the slaughtered.
  • Asterid lost three children in Thursday's killing.
  • Asterid, 30, fled her home near the Rwandan capital Kigali in 1994.
  • Asterid Eudicot plants can also produce ferulic acid.
  • Asterid quoted a rebel soldier as saying.
  • Among living plants, many ferns and some Asterid flowering plants have an amphiphloic stele.
  • The order Aquifoliales, which includes Cardiopteridaceae, belongs to another asterid group called campanulids.
  • Asterid quoted a soldier as saying.
  • Systematists are undecided on whether Caryophyllales should be placed within the rosid complex or sister to the asterid clade.
  • All of the genera mentioned above, as well as Ochnaceae, were long regarded as basal asterid order Ericales.
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