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aster family meaning

"aster family" in a sentence
  • Two plant genera in the aster family have been named in his honor.
  • Group in the tribe Astereae of the aster family.
  • "Carphephorus " is in the tribe Eupatorieae of the aster family.
  • Anything in the aster family is easy,
  • The larvae of these beetles often feed on plants of the aster family, Asteraceae.
  • The "'Gochnatioideae "'are a subfamily of the aster family, Asteraceae.
  • "' Eupatorieae "'is a tribe of over 2000 species of plants in the aster family.
  • Florida's state flower, Coreopsis, for example, is in the aster family and a member of the Helianthus Tribe.
  • The moth does not seem to be affected by any type of pyrrolizidine alkaloid present in many plant families, including the aster family.
  • It infests trees in the genus " Prunus " in the spring and autumn, and mostly plants in the aster family in the summer.
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