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associative array meaning

"associative array" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <programming> (Or "hash", "map", "dictionary") An array where the indices are not just integers but may be arbitrary strings.

    awk and its descendants (e.g. Perl) have associative arrays which are implemented using hash coding for faster look-up.
  • Records, structures, and associative arrays are represented with the
  • Stem variables and associative arrays
  • associative array register
  • The result of the method is an associative array of tag names and popularity
  • Represents a javascript object that is, an associative array and has various
  • This cookie is read in as an associative array in php and assigned to the variable
  • Rexx, however, does have one additional standard datatype : associative arrays
  • With associative arrays we can use the values as keys and assign values to them
  • Curly braces denote an associative array that is, an object, with its key-value pairs separated by commas
  • Objects were still very much syntactic sugar for associative arrays, and didn't offer users too many additional features
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