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artis meaning

"artis" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <company, networking> A company, known for the LANtastic range of networking products. Originally providers of proprietary, peer-to-peer network hardware and software for small installations, Artisoft now also sells Ethernet and Novell-compatible hardware and software.

    Telephone: +1 (800) 809 1257.

    Address: Tucson, Arizona, USA; Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • He thinks most modern artis trash
  • artis long, life is short
  • That's the job of Laws, Artis and Campbell.
  • The Cowboys also released cornerback Artis Houston from the practice squad.
  • John Artis, a member of the electrical crew, said.
  • Artis worked the BBQ pit in the vacant lot next door.
  • Seen only briefly, Artis is portrayed as a clueless youth.
  • Artis was released on parole in 1981 after serving 15 years.
  • Laws and Artis had planned a trip to Afghanistan last December.
  • Well, that's not the case with Ed Artis.
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