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artiness meaning

"artiness" in a sentence
  • Noun: artiness
    1. The quality or degree of being arty

    Derived forms: artinesses

  • The murders are visualized with the same high-gloss artiness.
  • Artiness : " Is it finished yet ?"
  • Artiness : Kirk " The Chin"
  • After City Ballet's founding in 1948 the photographs have a different artiness.
  • His Lower Manhattan production studio percolates with downtown artiness : scruffy jeans and funky eyewear.
  • And the camera work tends to aspire to artiness, resulting in occasional oddball framing.
  • What makes them successful is that Bellocq doesn't tart them up with photographic artiness.
  • Artiness : This is an homage from one over-praised'80s painter to another.
  • Yet, paradoxically, art verging on artiness is never far from the work in the Parrish show.
  • "The Addiction " is so self-absorbed in its own artiness that it fails on both counts.
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