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artillerist meaning

"artillerist" in a sentence
  • noun
    1. A person skilled in artillery
    2. A gunner
  • During the Great Northern War, Gennin excelled as an artillerist and fortification engineer.
  • He was trained as an artillerist and shipped to the Russian front in March 1943.
  • Despite being an artillerist by training, Napoleon did not appreciate the full capabilities of howitzers.
  • Andr� L�v�que joined the armed forces as a simple artillerist, but very soon, became an officer.
  • "' Stapleton Crutchfield "'served as a Confederate artillerist in the American Civil War.
  • Despite being the senior artillerist of the corps, Brown is not found on record complaining about Long s promotion.
  • Per Wadsworth's request, Governor Tompkins sent his personal assistant, the engineer and artillerist Nicholas Gray, to assist Wadsworth.
  • An American soldier wrote : " Riley was the greatest artillerist of his day, and we suffered greatly on his account ."
  • After the outbreak of the first World War he joined German army and served as an artillerist . 1916 he left the army because of an injury.
  • The 1st New York Battery served at the Battle of Yorktown and the Battle of Williamsburg under the division's senior artillerist Capt Romeyn B . Ayres.
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