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artificially meaning

[ ˌɑ:ti'fiʃəli ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "artificially""artificially" in a sentence
  • The artificially hardened voice rose harshly and hung there.
  • The organism must be found again in the artificially infected host.
  • It also includes the results from several studies on artificially roughened pipelines.
  • For the first time, he realized that she had thin lips and plumped them out artificially.
  • "i had an inheritance from my father," the artificially hardened voice rose harshly and hung there.
  • artificially applied currents were dispensed with entirely and natural earth currents used instead there.
  • Prescribed fires are artificially set and controlled and are intended to fulfill forest management objectives.
  • New variants of some plant viruses have been produced artificially in the laboratory by treating pure virus strains with mutagens.
  • Heavier atoms, such as those of plutonium, also important for the release of atomic energy, have been made artificially from uranium.
  • Why has the material and technical apparatus of all the countries of the entents failed in twelve years to overthrow this artificially fostered bolshevism?
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