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array sonar meaning

"array sonar" in a sentence
  • [Engineering]
    A sonar system incorporating a phased array of radiating and receiving transducers.
  • A novel matched field postbeamformer interference canceller for towed line array sonar
  • This paper may be importance to the port / starboard discrimination and its tactics for the traditional towed linear array sonar
  • In 1985, " Arethusa " was fitted with towed array sonar.
  • In 1984, " Phoebe " completed her towed array sonar refit.
  • They also use a Thales ( Thomson Marconi Sonar ) Sintra towed array sonar.
  • In 1986, the vessel was the testbed for the Experimental Towed Array Sonar System.
  • The Canadian Towed Array Sonar ( CANTASS ) has been integrated into the towed sonar suite.
  • The following year, " Cleopatra " was fitted with the new towed array sonar.
  • It was given a towed array sonar, ASW torpedoes and the ELMA anti-submarine grenade launcher system.
  • She was also one of the few of the class that carried the AN / SQR-15 Towed Array Sonar System.
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