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area of limitation meaning

"area of limitation" in a sentence

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  • [Defence]
    A defined area where specific limitations apply to the strength and fortifications of disputing or belligerent forces.
    Normally, upper limits are established for the number and type of formations, tanks, antiaircraft weapons, artillery, and other weapons systems in the area of limitation.
    Also called AOL.
    See also line of demarcation; peace operations.
    (JP 3-07.3)


  • The Agreement provided for a buffer zone and for two equal areas of limitation of forces and armaments on both sides of the area.
  • Extending 25 km to either side is the Area of Limitation ( AOL ) where UNDOF, and Observer Group Golan ( OGG ) observers under its command, supervise the number of Syrian and Israeli troops and weapons.
  • The military observers carry-out fortnightly inspections inside the Area of Limitations ( AOL ) to verify, that both sides adhere to the limitations on troop levels and military equipment within 10, 20 and 25 km zones from the AOS as prescribed by the 1974 Disengagement Agreement.

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