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  • [Engineering]
    "A mechanism to measure fluid flow rate through a fixed-area conduit by the movement of a weighted piston or float supported by the flowing fluid, includes rotameters and piston-type meters."


  • Special designs of area meters are available to solve many different flow problems.
  • Measurement of fluid flow using variable area meters
  • Measurement of fluid flow in pipes using variable area meters
  • Glass tube variable area meters
  • The first variable area meter with rotating float was invented by Karl Kueppers in Aachen in 1908.
  • Also, in some areas meters have relays for demand response load shedding during peak load periods.
  • It belongs to a class of meters called variable area meters, which measure flow rate by allowing the cross-sectional area the fluid travels through, to vary, causing a measurable effect.
  • Its products include thermal mass flow controllers / meters, Coriolis mass flow controllers / meters, variable area meters ( aka rotameters ), level products, direct liquid injection systems, and more.
  • A "'variable area meter "'is a meter that measures fluid flow by allowing the cross sectional area of the device to vary in response to the flow, causing some measurable effect that indicates the rate.
  • LI-COR also manufactures light sensors, leaf area meters, and plant canopy analyzers, all of which are used to make fundamental measurements in disciplines including plant physiology, climate change, agronomy ( forestry and agriculture ), and other areas of the natural sciences.
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