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area light meaning

"area light" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    A source of light with significant dimensions in two directions, such as a window or luminous ceiling.


    A light used to illuminate large areas.

  • Samples ? sets the amount of samples taken to simulate the area light
  • Another thing that a new user should not ignore is the beauty of area light
  • area lights and shadows
  • For square area lights, you have to set only one samples value ( samples)
  • The result is far from that expected, because the spot light sampling of the area light is too coarse
  • The following picture ( principles behind the area light ) helps to understand how the soft shadows are simulated
  • Square-the area light emitter has a square shape . the dimension of the emitter is set through the size numeric button
  • It is possible to add a directional light component by faking the sun either via a single spot or with an area light
  • area lights cause specular scattering on objects and blend with its diffuse area, creating a very soft look with beautiful soft shadows
  • Recently, organic semiconductor light emitting has attracted a great deal of attention due to future applications in large area light emitting devices and displays
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