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area landfill meaning

"area landfill" in a sentence
  • [Civil engineering]
    A sanitary landfill operation that takes care of the solid waste of more than one municipality in a region.
  • He said police may also expand their search area landfills.
  • Police also have used cadaver-sniffing dogs to search some area landfills, he said.
  • The Chicago-area landfill would be built atop abandoned gravel pits that are now filled with water.
  • Locally, McHale estimated up to 40 percent of trash in Allentown-area landfills come from other states.
  • The Chicago-area landfill would be built atop abandoned gravel pits that are now filled with water and used by wildfowl.
  • But the Salt River Project plans to become the first utility in Arizona to capture methane from Phoenix-area landfills and turn it into electricity.
  • The measure took on significance locally after disclosure that low-level radioactive waste from Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory was dumped at three Valley-area landfills.
  • Prosecutors on Friday asked the state Supreme Court to reinstate the confession of a Saudi man accused in the slaying of a Saudi student whose body was found in a Denver-area landfill.
  • The EPA's tentative plan calls for the dredged sludge to be treated at two facilities sited along the river, and then shipped to an out-of-the-area landfill.
  • Dinneen and Curran saw it as an opportunity to keep the building at little cost to the county and also divert some of the green waste-- such as grass clippings and leaves-- away from area landfills.
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