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area health education center meaning

"area health education center" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    Education centers authorized by the Comprehensive Health Manpower Training Act,1971,for the training of health personnel in areas where health needs are the greatest. May be used for centers other than those established by the United States act.
  • She is also the Director of the newly formed Northeast Mississippi Area Health Education Center.
  • UAMS also has more than 660 resident physicians completing their training at UAMS or at one of the seven Area Health Education Centers around the state.
  • The "'National AHEC Organization "'( NAO ) is the professional association of Area Health Education Centers ( AHECs ) in the United States.
  • Carolyn Yucha demonstrated how she uses this technology to teach graduate-level nursing courses to students at the university's Western Area Health Education Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • In August 2002 Chambliss became violently ill just after a nurse practitioner inseminated her with the contents of an unlabeled syringe at the Coastal Area Health Education Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • Horace Williams Airport is home to North Carolina's Area Health Education Center ( AHEC ) program, which flies doctors and medical specialists participating in instructional and outreach programs, serving outlying communities in under-served areas of the state.
  • Ron Tupper, executive director of the federally-funded Lower Rio Grande Valley Area Health Education Center, said the medical school also could mesh with existing efforts to treat the Valley's thousands of indigent patients, who have no public hospital to turn to.
  • The year 2011 also brought some distinctions of merit to WWH, including the  Clinic of the Year award from the Capital City Area Health Education Center and the Medical Society of the District of Columbia s John Benjamin Nichols Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Health.
  • He then got the committee to shift the $ 2 . 6 million from the center's budget to the national Area Health Education Centers, a popular program that supports training for doctors in rural areas, without specifying that it be taken from the gun study.
  • Given the success of the ortho residency and a shared desire to strengthen graduate medical education in Kalamazoo, in 1973 both hospitals agreed to form a joint venture, non-profit organization devoted to medical education : the Southwestern Michigan Area Health Education Center ( SMAHEC ).
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