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area efficiency meaning

"area efficiency" in a sentence
  • Their disadvantage, however, is lower area efficiency compared to other types.
  • Both these equations contain the area efficiency of emission " � " r.
  • MiaSol� obtained a certified 15 . 7 % aperture-area efficiency on a 1m 2 production module, and Solar Frontier claimed a 17 . 8 % efficiency on a 900 cm 2 module.
  • Hoffman has also written several technical papers about the technology, including,'Solar Panel Performance Survey', and'Area Efficiency, Light Capture Efficiency, and their Maximization in Solar Tracking Arrays '.
  • More generally, the aims in technological development of large-area field emitters are to enhance the uniformity of emission by increasing the value of the area efficiency of emission " � " r, and to reduce the " onset " voltage at which significant emission occurs, by increasing the value of " � ".
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