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area coverage meaning

"area coverage" in a sentence

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  • [Engineering]
    Complete coverage of an area by aerial photography having parallel overlapping flight lines and stereoscopic overlap between exposures in the line of flight.


  • Extensive service area coverage at a uniform charge
  • area coverage smoke detector
  • Act now and experience our reliable services with extensive service area coverage at a uniform charge
  • This powerful platform provides a mass area coverage that reaches every walk of life in the city of 7 million people in hong kong
  • Put all accessories and parts by area coverage and classification, then it is easy and fast to put, find and fetch them
  • DynaTAC was an abbreviation of " Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage ."
  • The biggest individual FM channel in India in both area coverage and listenership.
  • Burn time is 25 seconds, with an area coverage of 120 square meters.
  • In rural areas coverage of drinking water was 65 % and sanitation 37 %.
  • Its Bay Area coverage currently includes San Francisco, the Peninsula and the East Bay.
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