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area command meaning

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  • [Defence]
    (*) A command which is composed of those organized elements of one or more of the Armed Services, designated to operate in a specific geographical area, which are placed under a single commander.
    See also command.
    (JP 3-10)


  • The Pacific Ocean Area command formally became operational on 8 May.
  • The Iraq Area Command was still in charge on the ground.
  • Three districts directly subordinate to the area command eventually replaced it.
  • During the Chinese sources as the " Persian Area Command ".
  • The loss of the area commands meant gain in other areas.
  • Later these Area Commands were grouped under Zone Commands as follows:
  • It later became the headquarters for the Northern Area Command until 1994.
  • It is assigned to Turkish Navy's Southern Sea Area Command.
  • It immediately became the headquarters of the British Area Command.
  • Equivalent housing in white areas commands a higher rent.
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