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apium graveolens meaning

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  • Spices and condiments . celery seeds apium graveolens linnaeus . specifications
  • A direct seeding experiment of non-polluted celery apium graveolens in cool irrigation area
  • In California ( USA ), mosaic diseases of celery ( " Apium graveolens " ) were reported as early as 1922.
  • Cultivated Tobacco ( " Nicotiana tabacum " ) and celery ( " Apium graveolens " ) have also been reported to be naturally infected.
  • CeMV has been found in celery ( " Apium graveolens " ) crops worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand and the US . The third potyvirus found in these surveys was another previously unknown potyvirus, Carrot virus Y ( CarVY ).
  • The same argument can be applied to nicotine but, in addition, various plants other than tobacco are a source of nicotine and two of these, " Withania somnifera " and " Apium graveolens ", were known and used by ancient Egyptians.
  • Some species are edible, notably " Apium graveolens ", which includes the commercially important vegetables celery, celeriac and Chinese celery . " Apium bermejoi " from the island of Minorca is one of the rarest plants in Europe, with fewer than 100 individuals left.

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