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antenna meaning

[ æn'tenə ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "antenna""antenna" in a sentence
  • Noun: antenna (antennae,antennas)  an'tenu
    1. An electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals
      - aerial, transmitting aerial 
    2. Sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ
      "he had a special antenna for public relations"
      - feeler 
    3. One of a pair of mobile appendages on the head of e.g. insects and crustaceans; typically sensitive to touch and taste
      - feeler

    Derived forms: antennas, antennae

    See also: antennary

    Type of: electrical device, sensitiveness, sensitivity, tentacle

    Part of: receiver, receiving system, sender, transmitter

    Encyclopedia: Antenna

  • [Electronics]
    In a communications system, a specialized transducer that converts incoming electromagnetic fields into alternating electric currents having the same frequencies (receiving antenna), or converts an alternating current at a specific frequency into an outgoing electromagnetic field at the same frequency (transmitting antenna). An antenna can be a simple wire or rod, or a complicated structure. Thousands of geometries and specifications are possible. The optimum antenna type for a given situation depends on the communications frequency, the distance to be covered, and various other factors.
  • They erected a television antenna on the roof ..
  • They erected a television antenna on the roof ..
  • These waves struck the antenna of a receiving station.
  • Power is being delivered along the wires which lead into the antenna.
  • Radio astronomy today is armed with the largest antennas in the world.
  • An array of wave probes can be used as a directional antenna.
  • In practice of course there will be a dynamic lag in the antenna following the sight line.
  • Hence, the antenna along the y-axis does not send any light to the observer directly below it.
  • Cephalic muscles may be divided into(a) cervical muscle(b)muscles of the mouthparts, and(c)muscles of the antenna.
  • The scape is the first or basal segment of the antenna and is often conspicuously longer than any of the succeeding segments.
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