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ankh meaning

"ankh" in a sentence
  • Noun: ankh  angk
    1. A tau cross with a loop at the top, used as an attribute or sacred emblem, symbolizing generation or enduring life

    Derived forms: ankhs

    Encyclopedia: Ankh

  • What's an ankh ?-her tattoo
  • -what's an ankh ?-her tattoo
  • What's an ankh
  • It's an ankh
  • To pass the hours, you ride momentarily with an elderly sage who shows you an ankh of life
  • It is the Egyptian symbol of an ankh _ eternal life.
  • Goldman said, looking at Simpson and referring to the ankh.
  • An ankh is usually part of the Avatar's clothing.
  • Just not proven socks of Ankh, which I never suggested.
  • Only one mutated ANKH gene can cause autosomal dominant Craniometahyseal Dysplasia.
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