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anharmonic oscillator meaning

"anharmonic oscillator" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    An oscillating device in which the force toward the balance point is not linear, with respect to displacement.
  • The models of anharmonic oscillator of nonlinear optical susceptibilities
  • The virtual state argument is quite orthogonal to the anharmonic oscillator argument.
  • The best known example is the sextic QES anharmonic oscillator with the Hamiltonian
  • Anharmonic oscillators, however, are characterized by the nonlinear dependence of the restorative force on the displacement x.
  • The method proved too difficult to immediately apply to realistic problems, so Heisenberg turned to a simpler example, the anharmonic oscillator.
  • A distinguishing feature of superconducting quantum circuits is the usage of a Josephson junction-an electrical element non existent in anharmonic oscillators.
  • As a result of the nonlinearity of anharmonic oscillators, the vibration frequency can change, depending upon the system's displacement.
  • There are many systems throughout the physical world that can be modeled as anharmonic oscillators in addition to the nonlinear mass-spring system.
  • For example, equipartition of kT / 2 does not pertain to an anharmonic oscillator that contributes quadratic and higher-order terms to the energy, right?
  • Those authors had observed long-time nearly recurrent behavior of a one-dimensional chain of anharmonic oscillators, in contrast to the rapid thermalization that had been expected.
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