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and so on meaning

Synonyms of "and so on""and so on" in a sentence
  • Yes, we have many bowls, plates, chopsticks, and so on.
  • You must fill in the form nationality, age, profession, and so on.
  • The metals most frequently cast are iron, steal, aluminum and so on.
  • We may also divide the screen into quarters, sixths, and so on.
  • Yes, i know you want me to talk about artistic problems and so on.
  • The underlying concepts of limit, continuity, and so on are not there.
  • They simply go over and over the same talk about fords and the weather and so on.
  • Since the engine has no valves, it doesn't need any camshaft, valve lifters and so on.
  • They wanted him for guest shots, record albums, personal appearances and so on.
  • The officer is inspecting his passport, health certificate, vaccination certificate, and so on.
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