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american option meaning

"american option" in a sentence
  • [Economics]
    See option

  • [Finance]
    An option that may be exercised at any time up to and including the expiration date. Related: European option
  • Linear complementary problem and american option pricing
  • american option pricing of a special model
  • Comparison of three kinds of monte carlo methods for american option pricing
  • Asymptotic analysis and numerical computation of american option when expiry date runs to infinity
  • The numerical solution for pricing american options under stochastic volatility is considered
  • The pricing problem of the american option is currently studied as one of the important items in finance
  • The problem of valuation for american options is extended to deal with both constrained portfolio and different interest rates for borrowing and lending
  • Because the american option may early be exercised before the expiration date, its pricing is generally more difficult than that of the european option
  • Traditional monthly American options expire the third Saturday of every month.
  • The opposition to military action by Arab governments has until now severely constrained American options.
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