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altazimuth meaning

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  • Noun: altazimuth  al'tazumuth
    1. An instrument that measures the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies; used in navigation

    Derived forms: altazimuths

    Type of: measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system

    Encyclopedia: Altazimuth

  • [Engineering]
    "An instrument equipped with both horizontal and vertical graduated circles, for the simultaneous observation of horizontal and vertical directions or angles. Also known as astronomical theodolite, universal instrument."


  • In the paper, the testing scheme and making of a aspheric ge lens that used in planar wide-angle altazimuth was described
  • Most scopes have one of two mounts : equatorial or altazimuth.
  • The telescope, in an altazimuth mount, began operation in October 2002.
  • More recent large telescopes have instead adopted the more compact and mechanically stable altazimuth mount.
  • Besides the mechanical inability to easily follow celestial motion the altazimuth mount does have other limitations.
  • The telescope has an altazimuth mount.
  • An equatorial mount, which allows curving motion, is superior to the altazimuth mount for astronomical viewing.
  • This is accomplished by using either altazimuth telescope mounts to keep celestial objects centered while the earth rotates.
  • Its Equatorial mount is what sets it apart from most other radio telescopes, most of which have an Altazimuth mount.
  • Its chief instrument was a large altazimuth on Steinheil's principle, but there are no records of observations made with it.
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