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  • [Medicine]
    The protein constituents of hemoglobin.The term is used for proteins attached to iron-porphyrin molecules such as hemoglobin and MYOGLOBIN proteins.


  • Deletion of four alpha globin genes is not compatible with life.
  • This gene is highly conserved in vertebrates which is upstream from the alpha globin gene cluster.
  • Usually there are four genes that code for alpha globin and two genes that code for beta globin.
  • "' Hemoglobin J "'is an abnormal hemoglobin, an alpha globin gene variant and present in various geographic locations.
  • With most of these variants are mutations in the alpha globin gene that result in an abnormally long alpha chain and an unstable hemoglobin molecules.
  • Within the fifth intron of the gene there is a regulatory section of DNA HS-40 which regulates the expression of the alpha globin.
  • Studies suggest the complex may protect a site near the C-rich element in the alpha globin mRNA from the erythroid endonuclease ( ErEN ).
  • However the alpha globin poly ( C )-binding protein ( alphaCP ) is agreed to be the core constituent of what is known as the alpha complex.
  • Despite this shift the murine alpha globin mRNA is still as stable due to a complementary change in the specificity of the poly ( C )-binding protein.
  • As many of the protein components necessary for alpha globin stability complex appear to be widely expressed across species and cell types this mechanism of mRNA stabilisation is likely to be a general one.
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