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  • [Computer]
    <job> The head geek or geek's geek. When no one else knows the answer, or several techno-types give conflicting advise, or the error message says "consult your administrator" and you *are* the administrator, you ask the Alpha Geek.


  • ALPHA GEEK : The person in your group who knows the most about computers.
  • -Alpha geek : The most knowledgeable, technically proficient person in an office or work group.
  • Now the phrase " alpha geek " is often applied to the best PC user in the office.
  • If you have a computer problem, your alpha geek has to figure out first whether it's with your chips or your salsa.
  • "Alpha geek, " said Nareej Chandra, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development at the Andover-based software company.
  • What venerated " alpha geeks " and lowly " smurfs " share is a tendency to talk about people as if they were machines.
  • -Dancing baloney : Animated, but useless, gizmos used to impress clients . ( " This Web page is dull, " says alpha geek.
  • -Tourists : Employees who are taking a training class just to get a break from their jobs . ( One alpha geek to another : " We had three serious students, and the rest were tourists . ")
  • "The biggest difference in Windows XP is for the consumer space, " said Greg Sullivan, lead product manager for Windows XP . Before Windows XP, Sullivan said, " you had to be ( an ) alpha geek to get all this equipment to work ."
  • Networking one's home to accommodate the desktop computer, the laptop and whatever Internet appliances one might have ( videogame console, Set Top Box, etc ) might seem like a job for Alpha Geek, but installation is straightforward and the software configuration sets up in a friendly browser / wizard.

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