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alliance meaning

[ ə'laiəns ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "alliance""alliance" in a sentence
  • Noun: alliance  u'lIuns
    1. The state of being allied or confederated
      - confederation 
    2. A connection based on kinship or marriage or common interest
      "the shifting alliances within a large family"
      - bond 
    3. An organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty
      - coalition, alignment, alinement 
    4. A formal agreement establishing an association or alliance between nations or other groups to achieve a particular aim 
    5. The act of forming an alliance or confederation
      - confederation

    Derived forms: alliances

    See also: ally

    Type of: accord, coalition, connectedness, connection, connexion [Brit], fusion, group action, organisation [Brit], organization, pact, treaty

    Encyclopedia: Alliance, NE Alliance, NJ Alliance, Nebraska Alliance, NC Alliance Alliance, Alberta Alliance, Indiana Alliance, Ohio Alliance, Suriname Alliance, oh Alliance, Oh Alliance, New Jersey Alliance, North Carolina Alliance, OH

  • [Business]
    noun [C]



    an agreement between countries, companies, etc. to work together in order to achieve sth that they all want:

    The two companies formed an alliance to improve shipping and distribution networks.

    The proposed alliance between the two airlines has been widely criticized.

    The training department runs the course, in alliance with the university.

    ❖ to enter into/form/make an alliance


    a group of countries, companies, etc. who work together in order to achieve sth that they all want:

    There are eight members of the alliance.

    The organization is a broad alliance of many different groups.

  • [Defence]
    The relationship that results from a formal agreement (e.
    , treaty) between two or more nations for broad, long-term objectives that further the common interests of the members.
    See also coalition; multinational.
    (JP 3-0)

  • [Law]
    The union or connection of two persons or families by marriage, which is also called affinity. This is derived from the Latin preposition ad and ligare, to bind.

    International Law. A contract, treaty, or league between two sovereigns or states, made to insure their safety and common defence.

    Alliances made for warlike purposes are divided in general into defensive and offensive; in the former the nation only engages to defend her ally in case he be attacked; in the latter she unites with him for the purpose of making an attack, or jointly waging the war against another nation. Some alliances are both offensive and defensive; and there seldom is an offensive alliance which is not also defensive.

  • [Computer]
    <tool> A complete set of CAD tools for teaching Digital CMOS VLSI Design in Universities. It includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools. ALLIANCE is the result of a ten years effort at University Pierre et Marie Curie (PARIS VI, France).

    It runs on Sun-4, not well supported: MIPS/Ultrix, 386/SystemV.

    Latest version: 1.1, as of 1993-02-16.
  • We are bound to many nations by alliances.
  • This is an alliance for offensive and defence.
  • They made an alliance against the common enemy.
  • This is certainly a somewhat strange alliance.
  • China will not enter into alliance with any big power.
  • Associations are classed into alliances.
  • They teamed together into a defensive alliance.
  • We increasingly want an end to entangling alliances.
  • He would never suffer his ministers to speak about any alliance.
  • He was there when the split occurred in the kuomintang-communist alliance.
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