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algal meaning

Synonyms of "algal""algal" in a sentence
  • Adjective: algal  algul
    1. Of or relating to alga

    See also: alga

    Encyclopedia: Algal

  • During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10.
  • Measurements using opaque bottles almost always reflect community respiration, including bacterial, zooplanktonic, rather than just algal respiration.
  • Water blooming; decomposed rice straw; algal inhibition
  • Standard practice for determining algal resistance of plastic films
  • During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10
  • Fixing co2 and eliminating green-house effect by micro-algal biotechnology
  • Stochastic stability behaviors analysis in a nonlinear harmful algal model
  • Experimental study on algal pollution in taihu lake and measures for prevention
  • algal accretionary grain
  • Grey correlative analytic evaluation of water quality of xiangxi river bay during algal bloom
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