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algal bloom meaning

"algal bloom" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    Growth of a superabundance of algae and other microscopic plant life usually from an enrichment of a natural body of water by the addition of dissolved nutrients,especially nitrogen and phosphorus. It may be natural,induced (water pollution),or controlled (harvesting phytoplankton for food in an aquaculture system).
  • During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10.
  • During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10
  • Grey correlative analytic evaluation of water quality of xiangxi river bay during algal bloom
  • Biological oceanography; global warming; plankton ecology; harmful algal bloom
  • Red tide ( or harmful algal bloom ) and water quality have great impacts on the mariculture operations in hong kong
  • Red tides or algal blooms are natural discolorations of seawater caused by the rapid multiplication of algae
  • Bloom a sudden growth of microorganisms in a freshwater or marine ecosystem, often known as an algal bloom
  • In the united states, the government says harmful algal blooms cause more than eighty million dollars in economic losses each year
  • Then there are those persistent algal blooms in the western bay.
  • The big algal bloom just sucked up all of the oxygen.
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