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algae meaning

Synonyms of "algae""algae" in a sentence
  • Noun: algae  aljee
    1. Primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves
      - alga

    Derived forms: algaes

    Type of: protoctist

    Encyclopedia: Algae

  • [Medicine]
    A major group of polyphyletic organisms of extremely varied morphology and physiology,mostly photosynthetic,but distinguished from plants by their complex form of sexual reproduction. They are freshwater and marine,terrestrial and subterranean; some are neustonic (living at the interface of water and the atmosphere). They live in various protozoa and within other plants. They live also in soil and on soil surfaces,on long-persistent snows,and in Antarctic rocks. Thermophilic algae inhabit hot springs. (From Webster,3d ed; from Bold & Wynne,Introduction to the Algae,2d ed,pp1-6) n pl in some former classifications : a major group of lower plants often included in the division Thallophyta that is now commonly considered to be a heterogeneous assemblage including esp. the algae
  • algae grow and spread quickly in the lake.
  • During summer control of slime and algae may be required.
  • Among the blue-green algae are many species of nitrogen fixation.
  • Agar is complex polysaccharide, extracted from red algae.
  • It has been applied to attached algae and submerged vascular plants.
  • It has been applied to attached algae and submerged vascular plants.
  • Lichen is a form in which green or bluegreen algae and a fungus live together symbiotically.
  • The decline in viability of the algae is exponential and can not be related to a linear dose effect.
  • The term prokaryotic is often used to distinguish the cells of bacteria and blue-green algae from the nucleus-containing eukaryotic cells of all other organisms.
  • algae-induced photo-degradation of azo dyes in water
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