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alfresco meaning

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  • They often dined alfresco in the summer evenings
  • Sai kung : famous for its seafood and alfresco dining
  • Kwai tsing theatre alfresco arts plaza
  • We eat alfresco in summer
  • A pilot scheme on alfresco dining at stanley was launched in march 2002
  • The application for alfresco dining is now processed in accordance with the new guideline
  • You ll find great restaurants that offer alfresco dining with a view
  • Pilot schemes on alfresco dining at stanley and sai kung were launched in march and july 2002 respectively
  • Olive : and it's such a warm and pleasant evening that we'll be able to dine alfresco on the riverside terrace
  • Around her, couples stroll hand-in-hand, families push strollers, different languages float by, and people dine alfresco
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