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ailurophobia meaning

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  • Noun: ailurophobia  I`lûru'fowbeeu
    1. A morbid fear of cats

    Derived forms: ailurophobias

    Type of: zoophobia

    Encyclopedia: Ailurophobia

  • [Medicine]
    or ae·lu·ro·pho·bia n : abnormal fear of cats


  • Ailurophobia, an actual fear of cats, is caused by an early traumatic experience involving a cat and requires therapy to overcome.
  • Some people love to make up names of specific phobias, more as linguistic trivia than as psychology, " ailurophobia ", " triskaidekaphobia ", etc etc ad tedium.
  • The movie unfolds like a nightmare that involves necrophilia, ailurophobia, drugs, a deadly game of chess, torture, flaying, and a black mass with a human sacrifice.

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